Image: A Taste of Hiroshima
Image: A Taste of Hiroshima
Image: A Taste of Hiroshima

Including seafood grown in the rich waters of the Seto Inland Sea, Wagyu beef and vegetables backed by history and tradition, Citrus fruits that decorate the islands, Hiroshima is a treasure trove of delicious food.

“A Taste of HIROSHIMA Project” is Conveying the charm of Hiroshima's food, It was established with the aim of further development.

“Hiroshima is delicious!”A circle of excitement, We will spread it both inside and outside the prefecture and to the world.

A Taste of HIROSHIMA Enjoyment MAP

We have released "A Taste of HIROSHIMA Enjoyment Map" which lists restaurants that use ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture.

A Taste of HiroshimaRecommended Restaurants

At our recommended restaurants, you can enjoy a wide variety of menu items and products that are based on delicious food from Hiroshima.
These restaurants work closely with food producers to offer a wide selection of menu items and products that are unique to Hiroshima. We hope you will visit them and enjoy the delicious local cuisine that can be found only in Hiroshima.
For more information about business hours and to make reservations, please contact the restaurant directly.

Image: Gurunavi special feature “CHILAN”

"Hiroshima Salmon" born and raised in Hiroshima

Modern Vietnamese cuisine and natural wine restaurant
"CHILAN" uses Hiroshima salmon
Chef Doguyen Chiran, who serves the food.
And the producer “Bankokei”
Yosuke Yamasato of the Fish Farm Tourism Center,
Hiroshima Suisan Co., Ltd. is responsible for processing and shipping to the market.
We spoke with Yutaka Bando.

Image: Go! Tabesai store

Please go! Tabesai store

The owner of a food shop introduces recommended food shops.
Serial project ``Let's go and eat!''.
We interviewed him about his special dishes and his thoughts on ingredients produced in Hiroshima Prefecture.

A Taste of Hiroshima
Hospitality information

A special project that focuses on the people, things, and events of Hiroshima Prefecture, and fully conveys the appeal of the region and prefecture-produced ingredients. Please enjoy the delicious and fun foods of Hiroshima Prefecture.

A Taste of Hiroshima
gourmet influencer

A popular gourmet influencer reports on Hiroshima gourmet food!

  • Image: Main influencer
  • Image: Main influencer
  • Image: Main influencer
  • Image: Main influencer


Image: Tabesai Store Grand Prix

Tabesai Store Grand Prix

``Tabesensai Store'' is a place where you can enjoy delicious ``food'' that can only be found in Hiroshima. Thanks to you, more than 1,000 stores have registered, and the number continues to increase. In order to let more customers know about the appeal of this "Tabesai store", we will hold the food/product grand prize "A Taste of HIROSHIMA Tabesai Store Grand Prix" for registered Tabesai stores. I was lucky to do so.

To businesses that use food products from Hiroshima Prefecture

「おいしい!広島食べんさい店」を募集中です。 Would you like to entertain guests from Hiroshima and around the world with unique dishes prepared from delicious ingredients produced in Hiroshima Prefecture? We are now accepting applications from businesses throughout Hiroshima that would like to participate in the "A Taste of HIROSHIMA” Project and become recommended restaurants.
* To be registered as an “A Taste of HIROSHIMA” recommended restaurant, your business must pledge to provide a hospitable environment and actively use prefectural products (meat, vegetables, fresh fish, fruits, etc.) in your menu items and products.

"A Taste of HIROSHIMA official logo mark" is "the sun and the horizon that nurtures the food of Hiroshima", and at the same time, it is an image of "a tray and chopsticks with Hiroshima ingredients".
We hope that you will make use of it in order to spread the excitement of “Hiroshima is delicious!” inside and outside the prefecture, and to the world.

Related websites

We are currently holding a project called ``HIROSHIMA FOOD HEROES CHALLENGE'' to improve food quality based on ideas from prefectural residents. We are looking for challengers (heroes) who will make Hiroshima's ingredients shine and take on the challenge of creating "delicious food" that has not yet been discovered. We are also looking for mentors (Hero's Brain) to support this challenge. For details on how to apply, please visit the special website.

In the wake of the G7 Hiroshima Summit, the appeal of Hiroshima's food has been further refined and reevaluated. Eattrip HIROSHIMA is a campaign in which Hiroshima Prefecture, various restaurants, and transportation companies collaborate to promote gourmet tourism, where travelers visit Hiroshima in search of wonderful food experiences in such "delicious" Hiroshima. For more information, please visit the special website.