By train.To “A Taste of HIROSHIMA” that has not yet been seen! !
Hiroshima is a place where you can experience the thrilling encounters of exceptionally delicious dishes and ingredients that you have never tasted before.
"Delicious" as the purpose of travel.
Through Eatrip HIROSHIMA, the appeal of Hiroshima food will spread to many people.


With the G7 Hiroshima Summit as a trigger, the appeal of Hiroshima's cuisine has been further refined and reconsidered.
Eatrip HIROSHIMA seeks a wonderful food experience in such "delicious" Hiroshima,
In order to promote gourmet tourism that tourists visit Hiroshima,
This campaign is a collaboration between Hiroshima Prefecture and various restaurants and transportation companies.

Special plans of each company in collaboration with food and meals at participating stores
We also carry out a wonderful gift campaign!
A wonderful experience with “A Taste of HIROSHIMA” for those who live in Hiroshima and those who visit Hiroshima
I hope that the encounter will be born.


  • Spring Japan Award

    [Scheduled] Tokyo (Narita) - Hiroshima round-trip air ticket
    XNUMX group of XNUMX people

    *You can choose either from Tokyo (Narita) or from Hiroshima.
    *The provision of air tickets is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities.
    *The expiry date of the free flight ticket will be from 2 weeks to 3 months after the winner is announced.

  • A Taste of Hiroshima Award

    Assortment of Hiba beef, the oldest lineage of vine cows
    XNUMX people
    Special BOX of Hiroshima's proud seasonal vegetables
    XNUMX people

※The photograph is an image.Different from the actual product.
*Prizes may change without notice. Please note.


*Products cannot be selected.please understand

  • W Chance Award

    These items are aiming to become Hiroshima's new specialties.
    With this, you may also be a “Hiroshima connoisseur”!?

    Natural stingray/natural black sea bream/seafood squeezed grilled oyster/Miyajima-san assortment
    2 people

    In addition to oysters, Hiroshima's seafood such as eagle rays and black sea bream, which are considered "harmful fish," are deliciously grilled using our unique "shibori-yaki" method.A luxurious set that includes the company's representative work "Miyajima-san" will be presented!

    Hiroshima oyster sauce
    10 people

    Only oysters and seaweed salt from Hiroshima Prefecture are used to concentrate the richness and umami.We present additive-free concentrated oyster seasoning, which is carefully boiled down with our own method of spring oysters that are full of the blessings of the sea!

    Green onion oil (65g) + green onion sansho chili oil (65g) XNUMX set
    2 people

    A new all-purpose seasoning made with white onions grown in Miyoshi City.A set of “Negi oil” with the condensed flavor of white onion and “Negi Sansho chili oil” with the outstanding aroma of Japanese pepper!

    Jochu Ginshi Suru Mukaizakura 710ml
    Kawane yuzu with dried peel
    1 people

    Jochu is made by purifying selected sake.You can enjoy a different flavor by pickling "Kawane yuzu dried peel" from Akitakata city.Please enjoy the mature taste from Hiroshima Prefecture!

    Nori Tempura Setouchi Hassaku Flavor XNUMX Bags XNUMX Set
    10 people

    A new product was born to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of "Squid Tempura Setouchi Lemon Flavor".Enjoy the juicy and bittersweet taste of hassaku (produced in Innoshima, Onomichi) and the refreshing aroma that fills your mouth!

    Chirimen kelp with Hiroshima greens/komochi kelp/wasabi kelp 3-piece set
    XNUMX people

    We are giving away a luxurious set of ``Chirimen konbu with Hiroshima greens'', which is made by adding Hiroshima greens and chirimenjako to soft-cooked kelp, ``Komochi konbu'', the company's representative product, and ``Wasabi kelp'', the most popular!It is recommended not only for rice but also for Western dishes such as pasta.

*Prizes may change without notice. Please note.

how to

  1. Check the hotel food you want to eat! !

    Check out our refined dishes on this site.

  2. Enjoy a meal at the hotel ♪ Get an application card!

    Access the application form using the QR code you receive when paying for your meal at a restaurant.

  3. Select your favorite gift from the application form and complete the application!

    Select your favorite gift in the form and enter the necessary information to complete the application!

You can also apply from here!

"Hiroshima is delicious!" to Japan and the world.

More than ever before, we will disseminate “Hiroshima food” that the citizens of the prefecture can be proud of, and we will promote “Hiroshima food” as an all-Hiroshima effort.


I can't stop saying "It's delicious!" !Hiroshima gourmet special feature
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