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Recommended Restaurants

A series of articles titled ``Let's go! Eat some food shops'' is a series in which the owner of a food shop introduces his recommended food shops.
We interviewed him about his special dishes and his thoughts on ingredients produced in Hiroshima Prefecture.


Image: Garden and restaurant Hanbee

A kaiseki meal that reflects the seasons,
Savor seasonal Setouchi fish

Mitsuru Kawamura

Garden and restaurant Hanbee


Image: Le Trisquel

Orthodox with authentic spirit
A masterpiece of Hiba beef made with expert skill

Motohiro Yusaki

Le Trisquel


Image: Airport Hotel Acero

enjoy casually
Historical Hiroshima Wagyu beef

Yutaka Ota

Hiroshima Airport Hotel Restaurant “Acello”


Image: Daiji Yamamoto

Making Mihara Yassa Octopus even more impressive
A new type of Chinese food that combines tradition and innovation

Daiji Yamamoto

Chinese Cuisine Koranen


Image: Kazushi Ishizo

In the middle of a tradition weaving together with the local community
Refresh your look with prefecture-produced Dainagon red beans

Kazushi Ishizo

Sweets shop Mikawaya


Image: Kaoru Ichii

Taste two top flavors of Hiroshima at once

Kaoru Ichii

Okonomiyaki Icchan main store

Delicious! Hiroshima's "Tabensai" presents a diverse selection of Hiroshima-style menus and products. Delicious Hiroshima! Please enjoy.

  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”