We will be holding an unveiling party to showcase our refined Hiroshima Wagyu beef dishes!

In Hiroshima Prefecture, with the aim of expanding the sales channels and consumption of prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry and fishery products, we took the opportunity of the G5 Hiroshima Summit held in May last year to hone the prefecture's diverse food assets with a variety of actors and communicate their appeal. We are promoting the "A Taste of HIROSHIMA" project.

As part of this project, we have launched the fourth edition of the "Eatrip HIROSHIMA Campaign" on Friday, January 2024, XNUMX, to create demand for gourmet travel through the appeal of Hiroshima's food. The theme of the fourth gift campaign is discovering the appeal of Hiroshima Wagyu beef. In conjunction with this, together with the All Japan Chefs Association, to which the stores participating in the campaign belong, we will hold an unveiling event on January XNUMXth for the refined "menu that takes advantage of the diverse characteristics of Hiroshima Wagyu beef" that is the subject of the campaign. It was held on (Tuesday).

From left in the photo: Mr. Hideki Ishioka (Hotel Miyajima Bessou), Mr. Isamu Kurokoshi (Miyajima Les Clos), Mr. Daisuke Nagano (Éditer), Mr. Yoshiyuki Hiroto (hiroto)


Chefs from four restaurants unveiled refined menus that take advantage of the diverse characteristics of Hiroshima Wagyu beef.
In the fourth installment of the Eattrip HIROSHIMA campaign, which began on Friday, January 1th, a total of 5 restaurants affiliated with the Chefs Association, including the four restaurants mentioned above, will offer special dishes using Hiroshima Wagyu beef.


A polished dish

Mr. Ishioka (Hotel Miyajima Villa)

"Hiba beef, Hiroshima taro and mushroom quiche served with Miyajima honey"

Mr. Kurokoshi (Miyajima Le Clos)

"Hiroshima Wagyu beef brisket stew in red wine"


Mr. Nagano (Editor)

“Kitahiroshima Town Morishita Ranch Kuroge Wagyu Beef Thigh Meat and Kitahiroshima Town Vegetables Pot-au-feu”

Mr. Hiroto

"Grilled Sakakiyama Beef Loin"

He explained the characteristics and appeal of the Hiroshima Wagyu beef he used, and talked about cooking methods that take advantage of its flavor. Mr. Kurogoshi, who has perfected the ``Hiroshima Wagyu Beef Brisket Braised in Red Wine,'' says, ``The light sourness and aroma stand out in the beef flavor, making use of the light flavor of the fat from the Hiroshima Wagyu Beef. "It's on the menu," he said, talking about its appeal.Passionate presentations by each chef


At the tasting event for the press, the chef personally prepared the dishes and served them to the people gathered at the venue. One person involved said, ``Everything on the menu was refined to bring out the umami and flavor of Hiroshima Wagyu beef.''

Why not take this opportunity to try the Hiroshima Wagyu dishes refined by each chef?

Delicious! Hiroshima's "Tabensai" presents a diverse selection of Hiroshima-style menus and products. Delicious Hiroshima! Please enjoy.

  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”