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Hiroshima Prefecture is in western Honshu, surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the Chugoku Mountains to the northwest. The region is endowed with the captivating allure of the sea and mountains, agriculture and fishing flourish, making it a rich repository of culinary delights. Across all four seasons, an extensive array of cuisine crafted from indigenous ingredients awaits travelers.

Atomic bomb dome Hiroshima wagyu beef

Hiroshima City is the largest city in the Chugoku-Shikoku region of Japan. The Atomic Bomb Dome, symbolizing the value of world peace, and Itsukushima Shrine ("Miyajima no Aki"), one of Japan's top three scenic destinations, hold UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status.

Transportation routes and times from major cities


Airplane 1 hour and 30 minutes from Haneda
Shinkansen 3 hours and 47 minutes from Tokyo
Express Bus 13 hours and 4 minutes from Tokyo Station


Airplane No direct flight
Shinkansen 1 hour and 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka
Express Bus 6 hours and 10 minutes from Osaka Station


Airplane No direct flight
Shinkansen 1 hour and 2 minutes from Hakata
Express Bus XNUMX hours and XNUMX minutes
from Hakata Bus Terminal

※Transportation routes and times may vary. Please reach out to the transportation company you intend to utilize for specific details, as they may vary depending on the company, date, and time of travel.

Famous prefectural foods

Hiroshima wagyu beef

Hiroshima wagyu beef

Beef from Japanese black cattle raised for an extended period in Hiroshima Prefecture is known as "Hiroshima Wagyu," with notable brands including "Hiroshima Beef," "Hiroshima Wagyu Genshu," "Hiba Beef," and "Kamiishi Beef." With a low melting point making them easily dissolvable, Hiroshima Wagyu contains abundant high-quality fats such as oleic acid. This beef has garnered national recognition, earning accolades at the National Wagyu Beef Proficiency Conference. Additionally, travelers can savor the authentic richness and delicate flavors characteristic of Wagyu beef. This meat holds a legacy of "history and tradition," having been traded for over XNUMX years and revered as one of the foundational elements of Wagyu beef in Japan.

Fish from Setouchi

The Seto Inland Sea, characterized by its numerous islands of varying sizes, experiences significant tidal fluctuation and water temperatures that vary considerably throughout the year. The plentiful shallow areas conducive to fish spawning, along with the abundance of mudflats and seaweed beds, contribute to the richness of delicious fish in the region. Setouchi Sakana refers to the diverse range of seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea, with popular varieties including red sea bream, black sea bream, conger eel, oniokoze, oysters, and koi sardines.

Fish from Setouchi
Hiroshima Vegetables

Hiroshima Vegetables

Throughout the year, Hiroshima Prefecture, adorned with lush landscapes stretching from mountains to islands, yields a bounty of safe and fresh agricultural products. Aside from cabbage, which benefits from the region's varied elevations for extended production, Hiroshima Prefecture is renowned for other vegetables such as asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, and green onions. The area is also celebrated for its citrus fruits, particularly lemons, cultivated in the gentle climate of the Seto Inland Sea, making it the leading producer nationwide.

Hiroshima Prefecture boasts a wide array of appealing local food products.
We invite you to visit Hiroshima Prefecture and indulge in delectable gourmet dishes crafted from local ingredients.

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To our guests from overseas

Hiroshima Prefecture hosts numerous restaurants offering local delicacies, including establishments that cater to international customers, ensuring a worry-free dining experience. Here we showcase restaurants that provide multilingual menus and employ foreign staff to enhance your dining experience.

Image: Hiroshima gyoza ekie shop

Hiroshima Gyoza ekie

2-1 Eki Eval 2F, Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi

TEL: 082-264-7226

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Chinese,Asian/ethnic food,Japanese pub/dining bar,Creative/international cuisine,Vegetarian,Souvenirs,Take-out,English menu available,English speakers on staff

Image: Private Yakiniku Rakutsuki

Private room yakiniku Rakutsuki

1-7 Mikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

TEL: 082-543-2941

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Yakiniku/offal,Lunch box (bento) vendor,Take-out,English menu available,English speakers on staff

Image: Hiroshima Teppan

Hiroshima Teppan

7-12 Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City Tanaka Building 2F

TEL: 082-207-3915

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Japanese food,Chinese,Japanese pub/dining bar,Creative/international cuisine,Okonomiyaki,Take-out,English menu available,English speakers on staff

Image: Broiled Rakugun

Broiled Rakugun

2-22 Motoujina-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi

TEL: 082-256-2941

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Yakiniku/offal, Lunch box (bento) vendor, Take-out, English menu available, English speakers on staff

Image: Robatayaki Jindaiko

Robatayaki Jindaiko

3-17 Horikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

TEL: 082-246-4873

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Japanese cuisine,Creative/international cuisine,Take-out,English menu available,English speakers on staff

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Delicious! Hiroshima's "Tabensai" presents a diverse selection of Hiroshima-style menus and products. Delicious Hiroshima! Please enjoy.

  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”