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Winner of the 7th Hiroshima Japanese Cooking Competition/Japanese Restaurant "Uoike" Hiroki Fujii

Interview location: Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture Release date: 2024.03.27

I visited Uoike, a long-established Japanese restaurant founded in 27, located in Otake City, a city on the border between Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures.

Mr. Fujii, who is known for his skills at Uochi, has won twice at the Hiroshima Japanese Chef Contest sponsored by Hiroshima Prefecture, including winning once. ``After seeing the two winners working at the store, I applied myself, but I came in 3rd place the first time.After that, I asked them for guidance and was able to win the second time. "I did it," said Mr. Fujii.

At Uoike, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine made with local ingredients such as Otake's branded fish ``Atata Hamachi to Lemon,'' as well as our signature rolled egg and conger eel sushi rolls.


Japanese cuisine Uoike

3-2-17 Nishiei, Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Dining room
11:30-LO13:30 (weekdays only)
Tatami room
11:30-14:30, 17:30-21:XNUMX
(Reservation required)
10 when 30 worth ~ 18 when 30 minutes
Closing days
Wednesday, Other twice a month

Delicious! Hiroshima's "Tabensai" presents a diverse selection of Hiroshima-style menus and products. Delicious Hiroshima! Please enjoy.

  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”