About Lawson's "A Taste of HIROSHIMA" initiative

In Hiroshima Prefecture, with the aim of expanding sales channels and consumption of prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, we took the opportunity of the G7 Hiroshima Summit held in May this year to hone the prefecture's diverse food assets with various actors and disseminate their appeal. We are promoting the "Delicious! Hiroshima" project.
Lawson Co., Ltd., which is a supporting company of this project and has concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the prefecture, is a company that is working to improve its products and menus by utilizing prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry and fishery products.
As part of this initiative, we are implementing the following initiatives.

Fukuyama University x Lawson x Hiroshima Prefecture Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Product Release Report
Commemorative products for the G7 Hiroshima Summit launched

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<Chugoku-Shikoku area> Dessert bakery using rice flour produced in Hiroshima developed by students of Fukuyama University is now on sale
<Chugoku-Shikoku area> G7 Hiroshima Summit commemorative products released

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Delicious! Hiroshima's "Tabensai" presents a diverse selection of Hiroshima-style menus and products. Delicious Hiroshima! Please enjoy.

  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”
  • Image: A Taste of HIROSHIMA “Tabesai Shop”